Dressing yourself is kind of an essential part of social acceptance. So you can either roll out of bed and leave the house in PJs every day to cover up your nudie bits, or you can choose to be awesome every day and treat the world like your fashion runway, which is exactly how we roll at CC HQ – it’s basically a catwalk over here. Denim is possibly the most vital character in the theatrical stage that is your wardrobe, without which, there is no show


Jeans have a substantial life before they even get to be on your butt. The Cotton farming guys send their loose fibres to the yarn factory where fibres get combed and pulled by a clever machine to create threads of cotton. The threads twist and spin and twist again – like we did last Summer – to create yarns. A teeny tiny 20g of cotton fibre creates a KILOMETRE of yarn. We say to that – “Whoa.”
The denim is dyed yellow (obviously?!) and with the magic of oxygen, the yellow turns to indigo blue. There is such a thing as being too blue, so the blue yarns are twisted with some white yarns to lighten things up. The yarns are spun into fabric, cut and sewn to make the perfect pair of denim jeans.
But alas, nobody these days would be caught dead in a pair of brand new perfect denim jeans. So we distress the hell-out of them like this: pop them on some rubber legs, rip them with a carrot grater, spray some realistic “stains” on them, lazer gun some “fold lines” onto them, and then throw them in the wash with rocks. Yep, rocks. Now your jeans look like they’v e been dragged under a semi-trailer down the Highway; in other words, they’re now perfectly wearable!



Caring for denim is vital, but stress less, we have it covered. As long as you wash your jeans on their own before wear, you and your other clothes are safe from turning blue.
Jeans do not like spa baths so always wash in cold water, and they hate saunas so don’t ever tumble dry! If you do, be prepared to pull out a child-sized pair of jeans from the dryer, cos they will shrink, as is the nature of all natural fibres.

If you’re like us and haven’t really heard of an iron and can’t really picture what one looks like, then discontinue reading. Or hand the denim to your mother. However, if you have seen this elusive contraption called an iron, you are welcome to iron your denim, but only on the inside – especially if they are stretch denim. The last thing you want is a pair of shiny jeans, unless you’re heading to a 60’s disco party, then go on right ahead.



A big part of denim life is the way in which it’s washed.

Our fashion denim has a range of wash treatments across the collection. Acid washing, Sandblasting, Stonewashing and Bleaching are all part of the fun.

Stonewashing is a process where the garments are placed in a large industrial washer filled with huge stones. We’re not even kidding. The pounding of the stones gives the Stonewashed jeans that distinguishable roughed-up look and also helps to relax the fabric, making it deliciously soft to wear – kind of like that hard-ass guy with the teddy bear heart.

Bleached denim is only for the absolutely way-too-cool-for-school kids (or adults if you’re awesome.) We probably don’t need to go into the nitty gritty of the manufacture – basically, it’s bleached, TA-DA!

Acid wash jeans are, like, totally 80s and we love keeping the dream alive. We use chemicals to strip off the top layer of dye, showing the lower layers of the denim in all different shades of blue to white, sometimes leaving a splotchy appearance depending on how it is applied. Google ACDC or AXL ROSE if unsure…