We are proud to announce that our fashion denim will be made for all different types of lovely ladies. Apple-y ladies love to wear denim to show off their sensational legs, so have planned to cater more to these deliciously fruity women.


We fit the apple jeans on a different fit model to our regular fit model, to ensure the waist, hips and thighs are comfortable and perfected to her shape with a high rise, generous tummy, and teeny ankle opening.


Our apple fit model is an avid customer of CC, so her feedback when fitting is very important to us. Basically, she is you!








The Boyfriend Jean has all your woes under control. We know you want to look amazeballs without looking like you tried hard to look amazeballs.


This is the undeniable effect of the Boyfriend Jean. The look: You fell out of bed, grabbed your hot lover’s jeans and threw them on with some dazzling top and of course, a marvellous pair of heels, and voila – you’re so cool, people try to store perishable items inside you until they realise you’re in fact, not an eski.


TBFJ fabrication is 100% cotton non-stretch heavy weight soft twill denim. The blue yarns are twisted with yellow yarns (instead of white) to give the appearance of worn and faded denim. The jeans are manufactured then put through a roughening process to distress them. But don’t worry, they will do all the stressing for you. Wear them rolled up and don’t you DARE iron them. (Sorry, WHAT? YESSSSSS)





This staple denim destination at CC has the four essential shapes covered: Apple, Hourglass, Column, and Pear. “HELP – I don’t know what fruit/object I am,” we hear you cry. Never fear – see your fruit/object below.


The denim quality is superior sateen stretch denim with a high retention to keep its shape and an ultra-soft hand feel.


Pretty much a second skin! The dark clean wash with the tiniest amount of sandblasting to give the appearance of omg-her-legs-are-amazing, makes this jean fairly essential for every woman. We’re calling it – they ARE the perfect jean.




TDF Denim




We like to add truck loads (literally) of elastane into our denim, to add comfort, softness, stretch, form, retention, a sleek look, and sex appeal just for fun. Elastane is kind of like the superhero in Denimland, saving everyone from daily disasters and town tragedies, such as ILL-FITTING JEANS (gasp!)


Another fantastic fit feature that our designer has thought of is (drumroll) the adjustable waist! “But isn’t that for babies and small children,” we hear you exclaim.


Yes it is, but we were smart enough to implement it into our denim to help adjust your waist circumference. We are here to save you from wearing an 80s leather belt that we haven’t seen since Jerry Seinfeld wore denim with white sneakers. How good are we? Just sayin’.